Photo by: Tanja Hoogerheijde

Robbert Jan Swiers (Middelburg, 1959) is an author of novels, short stories, non-fiction, children’s books and poetry. He has more than eighty books to his name, published by various publishers. Since 2013 Aspekt Publishers published (among others) the novels De LandmeterDe Zeven van Strak and the short story collections Een kwestie van schaalDe taal van het waterHet Achteloze Universum and Belle Epoque.

Moreover he wrote about history, archaeology, nature and contributed to language and history methods. He won the Zeeland Book Prize with the book Het verhaal van Zeeland, which he wrote together with Jan J.B. Kuipers. Robbert Jan has also written dozens of children’s books.

He is (or has been) active in music, music theatre, film and cabaret as well and was involved in current developments in the field of art and culture.

Robbert Jan also works for a number of national publishers as a (final) editor.

In 2019, he embarked on the highly successful detective series Mary Copeland, of which five volumes have been published, also as large print books and E-books. Volume 1 was published in English on June 30, 2022 by Austin Macauley Publishers UK, an English publisher with offices in London, Cambridge and New York. The publisher calls his stories “entertaining and gripping with clever plot changes.” There is also talk of “a dynamic writing style” and “strong and nuanced characters.”

All his books can be found on this website. On this page you can see some covers of his books.